Already Behind (Just pretend its Wednesday okay?)

Well here we go again. I already told you I am ALWAYS late so I’m sure you aren’t surprised. I have my list of weird crap I have found on the internet this week.

1. Guy with 2 penises.

I really don’t know what to say. Part of me wants proof because I can’t believe this is a real thing. It even has a scientific name, diphallia. The other part of me thinks I would probably be totally grossed out and there are things you can’t unsee (hello Miley’s chicken ass anyone?).

2. Self Confidence lessons from Scott Disick.

I don’t watch a ton of Keeping Up with the Kardashians but I have probably caught a few episodes each season. At first I thought to myself “Who the F is Scott Disick?” then I thought “This dude is an asshole”. But the latest episodes have made me think “this guy could be my new best friend”. Some of the cracks he makes at Kim have made me snort laugh. Not that it is hard to make fun of someone who seems to have the intelligence of a rock. One thing Scott doesn’t lack is confidence. And while some would say that makes him an arrogant ass, I say it makes him hilarious.

scott disick

3. Flourish in Progress.

I honestly don’t remember how I found this blog but the girl keeps it real. Some of here post are hilarious and some are serious and make you think. Her Facebook page is always good for a laugh. Don’t believe me check out this last post

Harv: Why are there 3 Bit-O-Honeys between the headboard and mattress??
Me: That’s my Emergency Candy. In case I wake up grumpy and need a boost. Put it back.
Harv: Adults don’t do things like this.
Me: I think you need some Emergency Candy right now.
She had a post about saving up her change so she could get her grub on at Taco Bell. A girl after my own heart.

4. My Cloud Pal.

This creative lady decided to make the best out of her lost iPhone when she started to get the new owner’s photos in her cloud. Instead of going on a revenge filled quest to find her phone she decided to start a tumbler account with monthly selfie recreations. Priceless!



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