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Today is Valentine’s Day. To be honest it’s never been a big deal for me. Just another day of the week really. To most people it’s become about the fancy dinners and overpriced flowers. A holiday that is suppose to be about showing the ones you love that you care has now become a day to show off what your money can buy. Sure gifts are nice. Who doesn’t appreciate getting a gift? My problem with all of this is why do you need a holiday to show someone you care? Do you really need a reminder to have a nice dinner or buy flowers for someone who you love? Sure retailers love it. But what if you bought that dozen roses on a random Tuesday? What if you planned a special dinner out and surprised your sweetie with it on an ordinary Friday night?

Maybe it’s because my love language isn’t gifts I just don’t understand the hype. You see I’m married to an amazing man. Is he perfect? Nope, but then again neither am I. We have been through a lot in our almost 12 years together. Some very bad things and some of the best moments of our lives. We have had moments were I honestly didn’t know if our marriage would make it. But I have never been one to think of love as a fairytale. I have a very real picture of marriage. It takes work, on both sides, to keep it together. It goes through ups and downs. Some moments you may not like each other so much. But at the end of the day you couldn’t imagine life without the other person. That’s real love.

This is why I don’t need a Valentine’s Day. Because my husband goes out of his way to tell and show me that he loves me everyday. Maybe it is due in part to our son’s passing but he wants to make sure if something happens that I know beyond a doubt what I mean to him. He loves me in spite of my flaws. I know without a doubt that he has my back in all situations. We may not always agree on everything. We argue sometimes and can both be very stubborn. But we both just want the best for each other. He makes me want to be a better person. He believes in me even when I doubt myself.

My goal is to do more things to show him I care everyday. Not because a holiday says I should. I want to do these things because life is precious. I’m not sure when my last breath will be. But I am sure that I want the people I love to know how much they mean to me no matter when that time may come.



Its been a little while since I’ve updated this little bloggy blog. I know nothing new. So I’ve decided to do a little catch up post.

My birthday was last weekend. Its hard to believe I’m 34. Can’t I go back to 29? Starting to feel old. My bestie got me some awesome birthday gifts including this leg day tank top!IMG_1056

I also got to go out for sushi and hibachi for my birthday dinner with this handsome man.IMG_1085

I’ve still been hitting the gym hard. I even got Mike in on the act. Can’t wait for him to be home  full time again so I have a gym partner all the time. It really makes it nice to have that support and of course it is safer to have a spotter. I have been able to go even heaver on some of my lifts knowing I have him there to help if I need it. Its also been great to put someone else through my torture, I mean workouts. Sometimes I start to question if I’m going hard enough or giving it my all. Having some one there doing it with me and saying how tough it is makes me feel like I’m on the right track.

Something awesome happened last weekend. If you follow me on Instagram then you already saw these pictures. But I posted a progress pic showing how far I have come since before I started lifting in August to last week. While I still have more progress I would like to make it is encouraging to look back and see how far I have really come.IMG_1160

Its easy to forget when you are use to looking at yourself every day how much progress you made. Sure you know the number on the scale is going down, the number on the measuring tape is going down, and the number on the weights you’re lifting is going up. But its easy to think you look the same. So pictures are a great help!

I also went to look for new workout clothes and decided to try on some jeans. When I started lifting and tracking my macros I was a tight size 12. Recently I have been feeling like my size 10s were getting a little loose. So I figured I would try on some 8s to see how much further I needed to go in order to downsize. I tried on 4 different brands in size 8, because we all know how inconsistent sizing can be, and all but one fit perfectly! Like no muffin top and able to bend kinda fit. I couldn’t believe it!



Here’s to progress! And attempting to blog more. No promises.;)




  • I am wanting these added to my workout gear right meow! I figure if I’m going to live in workout clothes they might as well be cute. But why do they have to be so expensive! My birthday is coming on February 2nd. Just saying . :)floral31050600_fr_nike_sc7IMG_8901_sq


  • My current playlist looks like this. Interesting fact about me, I am probably the whitest white girl but I love dirty R&B/rap. Guess its my inner gangster lol.
  • IMG_0979


  • I entered the $200, 000 transformation challenge that started last week. Who doesn’t get motivated to workout and track their food when there is a chance to win $80,000? This week begins week 2 and so far so good. I’m down a pound lower than my pre-Christmas weight and down an inch in my measurements. I am making some adjustments to my food and workout plans this week. Hoping to see an awesome change at the end of the 12 weeks. As part of the challenge we had to upload starting photos. I won’t be posting them here until the end but lets just say knowing thousands of people might see you in  a bikini in all or your winter white post holiday glory is plenty of motivation to get moving.
  • I’m loving this recipe. I LOVE stuffed peppers! But Im lazy when it comes to making them so this casserole was perfect! It taste so good and was easy to make. Mike isn’t a fan of peppers so I will have to make it when he’s not home for dinner but Gavin loved it so I will call it a win!
  • stuffed-pepper-casserole-vert-above-w-name-682x1024


What are you loving lately?

Friday Inspiration

Today’s Friday Pinspiration is actually a recipe I made on Saturday. Typically Saturday is date night when my husband is home(he’s been working out of state since June).  But last weekend he had come down with the flu so Saturday fun day was spent mostly on my own. Not that I am complaining. Sometimes some alone time sipping espresso and strolling through Trader Joe’s is just what a girl needs.

A cortado and a blueberry hand pie from Fox in the Snow Cafe.

A cortado and a blueberry hand pie from Fox in the Snow Cafe.

My favorite comfy sweater and pastel pink hair.

My favorite comfy sweater and pastel pink hair.


Since Saturdays are typically my free day from counting macros I knew there was going to be wine. What better to go with the wine then some pasta! Pasta is one of my favorite things, behind wine and chocolate of course. But I don’t eat it much anymore because its so much carbs for so little noodles! So pasta was the perfect free day treat. I had some butternut squash already that needed used up so all I needed was a recipe. Of course that means searching Pinterest which lead me to this recipe.




I kept the recipe pretty much the same. I made a few small changes based on what I had at home and personal preferences. It was super easy and very creamy. Which was surprising considering there isn’t any cream and little cheese. Everyone really liked it so I can see this being added to the rotation.

Butternut Squash Pasta

Serves 6


  • 4 cups diced butternut squash, raw
  • 12  ounces Barilla Thin Spaghetti(or whatever you prefer)
  • 1.5 cups  chicken broth(can substitute other type of broth or water)
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 0.25 cup diced onion
  • 1 tablespoon garlic powder(can use diced garlic cloves)
  • 0.25 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 0.50 cup grated parmesan cheese
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. Boil butternut squash chunks in salted water until soft(about 15 minutes). Then remove with slotted spoon and set aside
  2. Add pasta to the boiling water you used for the squash and prepare as directed on package.
  3. Put boiled squash in blender or food processor and blend until smooth. Add broth until it reaches desired consistency(I used 1.5 cups).
  4. In large skilled heat olive oil and sauté onion until translucent. Stir in butternut squash puree and add parmesan cheese. Season as desired with nutmeg, salt, and pepper.
  5. Add pasta to sauce and stir until coated. Serve with additional parmesan cheese if desired.

Thats it! So easy right! And look at this sauce!




Add to that some bread with this cheese and artichoke spread(and of course wine!) that I found at Trader Joe’s and this dinner was every bit as good as one I could have had if I went out to eat.



Whats your favorite pasta dish? And are there any Trader Joe’s products that you love?

Goals for a new year.

It’s a new year!! Out with the old and in with the new, or something like that. Which means most people have a list new goals and resolutions. I am typically not someone to make resolutions. Something about the word just seems like a set up for failure. Maybe it is all the pessimism or jokes that comes along with new years resolutions always ending in defeat.  I do think setting goals for yourself is a great thing. Not just at new years, but year round. It is always good to be striving to be a better version of yourself.  I have done some thinking about what I would like to accomplish this year. Here’s a little list of fitness related goals I have for myself this year.

  • Be able to do 15 full pushups in a row. (Currently I can only do 4 then switch to knees.)
  • Bench press over 100 pounds. I’m not talking for one rep, I mean 3 sets of 8. (Currently I can bench 80 pounds for 3 sets of 8-10.)
  • Be able to do an unassisted pull-up. (Currently I can’t do any.)
  • See visible bicep definition without flexing.
  • Lower my body fat percentage.
  • Do 30 continuous minutes on the stair master. (Seriously don’t know what it is about that thing but 15 minutes is my max right now.)
  • Work on hamstring, quad, and glute definition.

While planning goals for myself I started to think about the things I have accomplished in the last year. I realized that my way of thinking in regards to my body has changed dramatically. I have written about self love and doing what makes you happy before on this blog. I have been a firm believer of ditching the scale for years now because it’s a poor indicator of health. I believe you can be healthy at any size and that happiness doesn’t come in a number on a scale or size on a pair of pants. Last year I decided to make some changes in my eating and workouts. Those changes were different this time because they didn’t come from a place of self hate. They came from a place of wanting to better myself. I had started to feel sluggish, unmotivated, tired, and depressed. I knew I wasn’t being the best version of me. So I decided to make a change. Not because I hated some part of me, but because I love myself. I knew the only way I could be the best me was to take better care of my body and devote some time to myself each day.

I have tried to follow a workout plan and diet before and normally it would only last a couple weeks to a month before quitting but this time it stuck! This time felt different from the times before. I didn’t dread my gym time(most days) but actually looked forward to it. I didn’t feel deprived or want to quit my “diet” because I still got to eat the things I like. I just logged them in to my food diary and made them fit my macros. I started to have more confidence in myself. Not the outside appearance or strut my stuff kind of confidence but the the kind that comes along with setting a goal for yourself and accomplishing it. As time goes along and one goal is met I set new ones for myself, like the ones above.

All of this reflecting on last year and planning for the new year caused an epiphany. Normally I would be looking for motivation to keep going with my diet and workouts. I was always the one following other women who seemed to have it all figured out in the diet/workout department and wishing I had their motivation. This time of year especially is full of articles and shows about how to make lifestyle changes and stick to them. Today I realized I don’t need motivation from the outside to succeed at this. I finally want to make these changes for the right reasons, for me. I don’t need motivational post or challenges to stay on track. I stay on track because of the way I feel when I do. If I take some time of from working out or tracking my macros I don’t see it as a failure anymore or an excuse to give-up completely. I see it as something that happens in life.I can be flexible and take a day, or two, or a week off and still come back strong as if I never left. Because for once this isn’t about being skinny or a certain size or weight. Its about being happy, strong, and healthy.


Here’s to an awesome 2015 of being the best you that you can be!!!


Friday Pinspiration

So this Friday Pinspiration post is brought to you by my full basket of  brown bananas. Maybe I am weird but I hate bananas once they have any brown on them. In fact I prefer them a little green. So when the bunch of bananas I bought from Costco didn’t get eaten up quick enough I figured it was time to find a use for them. So here is the recipe that inspired my muffins!


Recipe Source

Now since I can’t ever leave well enough alone, I of course made some of my own adjustments. Here is the recipe I used.

Banana Chocolate Chip Protein Muffins

  • 3 ripe bananas (300grams)
  • 1/2 cup egg whites (150grams)
  • 1 container of Chobani Simply 100 vanilla greek yogurt (150grams)
  • 1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce
  • 2 scoops vanilla protein powder- I used Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey- Vanilla Ice Cream  (59grams)
  • 3/4 cup all purpose flour (115grams)
  • 1/4 cup of stevia or desired sweetener
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips (100grams)


  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. Mash bananas then add in remaining wet ingredients and stir.
  3. In a separate bowl combine all dry ingredients.
  4. Combine wet and dry ingredients and stir until combined.
  5. Mix in chocolate chips.
  6. Divide batter into muffin tins that have been sprayed with non-stick cooking spray.
  7. Bake for 18-20 minutes until center is done and tops are lightly browned.

Also I stink at pictures. I guess my days as a food blogger are limited. Anyway this is the only picture I have.


Exciting right? Yeah probably not. But as you can see they aren’t very chocolate chippy(thats probably not a word but I’m using it). I was trying to keep the carbs down on them but if you would like you could always use more chips.  The important part is do they taste good? I thought they were really good. I found them to be a good consistency. I was worried at first because the batter was runny but it turned out great. Yes they were still dense but not so dense that they would be mushy. They didn’t have any funny taste or texture issues that can sometimes happen when you add protein powder to a recipe. Verdict is : Definitely adding these to the make again list.

Oh and last but not least the nutritional breakdown.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 11.46.21 PM

If you give them a try come back and let me know what you think!

Happy Friday!!!

Christmas without you.

It’s almost Christmas. While most people are excitedly putting up decorations and wrapping gifts I feel a weight on my chest. A time that was once filled with joy and plans for making memories as a family is now a time of sadness. You see Christmas was Brayden’s favorite holiday. He would scream “CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!” any time we would see them on t.v. or we would pass them in the car. He loved santa and singing the christmas songs he learned in preschool. We would make cookies and watch Christmas movies after putting up the tree together. Now all the excitement and anticipation is gone. As the day gets closer the hole in my life where he use to be just seems to get bigger. I start feeling a little off, slightly more irritated by things than usual. Then it gets so heavy that I feel like I could cry at any moment. And to be honest the last thing I want to do is put up a tree. What I really want to do is hide away and pretend it isn’t happening until it is over. Its hard not to think about what he would want for Christmas each year. Its hard not to notice that there are no presents with his name under the tree and that his stocking hangs empty. Its hard knowing our Christmas traditions aren’t as full as they should be because he is not here.

These are things I often shy away from talking about. I don’t tend to talk about Brayden’s death or even some of the memories I have of him because its too painful. I miss him with every fiber of my being. He was my buddy. My little sidekick that I would cuddle on the couch with in the morning and watch Disney. My Starbucks date. The little voice in the backseat telling me how much he loved me and that I was the best mommy in the world. Anyone who says time heals everything has never lost a child. This is our third christmas without him and it isn’t any easier than the first. There really aren’t any more words I can say to describe how I am feeling. So I will leave you with this thought. In the hustle of the holidays its easy to get overwhelmed with getting the right gifts, who’s house you are going to when, or the family drama you are dreading with relatives you rarely see. Its easy to forget what matters and let these little things destroy the real purpose of the holidays, which is making memories with your loved ones. The gifts you give or receive will most likely be forgotten in a year or two. But the things you can’t erase are the moments you share with those you love. As a parent there is nothing more important than making memories with your children. They grow up so fast and in a world that is always filled with appointments and a go go go mentality time seems to be moving even faster than before. So please take it from someone who knows all too well that the cliche saying “You aren’t promised tomorrow” is all too true. Focus on the important things and let the rest go.

To end this post here are some of the photos from my last Christmas with Brayden that I will never forget. The one Christmas present I wish for every year since Brayden has passed is one that I can never receive, to have more memories like these.









Macros made easy, at least I hope.

This is going to be  a long post. So if you make it to the end you get a cookie, as long as it fits your macros. :) I have posted about macros and If It Fits Your Macros, or Flexible Dieting, before but not in much detail. I am by no means an expert on the subject but I have learned a few things since I started IIFYM and am willing to share what works for me. Keep in mind everyone’s numbers will be different because they are based on each person’s weight, height, and activity level. That being said here is how to get started with IIFYM.

How to calculate your numbers.

First thing you need to do to get started tracking your macros is figure out your numbers. There are plenty of people who offer custom macros plans for cheap. Typically they are around $20-30. But this is the price for just for the numbers that I am going to show you how to find yourself. And I have found that most of them just use the calculations I list below anyway. So how do you know what your macros should be? Here is a pretty easy way of finding them.

  • Use the IIFYM calculator you can find at this link.
  • Enter your gender, age, height, and weight.
  • Then chose the Athletes Formula and enter you exercise level. I know it may seem like you should use the other formula but that formula requires knowing your body fat percentage. The only way to really accurately calculate your body fat is to find a Body Pod location or a DEXA Scan location. So its best to just use the Athletes  Formula.
  • Click Calculate TDEE . The TDEE different then your BMR(basal metabolic rate). Your BMR only gives you the number of calories that your body requires to perform basic bodily functions, like digesting food and breathing. Your TDEE is like the BMR but it adds on the number of calories your body needs to move and perform physical activity. This is the number of calories you would need to eat to maintain your current weight at your current activity level. If you want to lose weight you will take some calories away from this number. If you wanted to gain weight you would want to add calories to this number.
  • In step 2 you will chose your goal. To lose weight you would pick one of the three options under the fat loss column. It is best to go with suggested to start. Suggested fat loss will reduce your daily TDEE calorie allowance by 15%. You can chose one of the other options and remove a higher percentage of calories from your TDEE if you want. Just keep in mind less is not always more. If you chose the suggested instead of the other options then you have some where to go if you plateau. You want to eat the most food you can while still loosing weight. If it starts to stall then you can make adjustments and take off more.
  • For step 3 you want to make sure the Common Plans section is set to IIFYM. Then you will set the Protein to 0.8 grams per pound of body weight. Then you will set the Fat to 0.35 grams per pound of body weight. Carbs will be automatically calculated  on what calories you have left. Click calculate.
  • Step 4 will give you your custom macros.

How to track your macros.

So now you have your numbers what do you do with them? You have to have a way to track them. There are quite a few food trackers out there. I use My Fitness Pal because they have a huge food database so you don’t have to enter food stats from labels for all your food. Plus they have a website to track your food and an app. Makes it easy when you’re out to track food on the go. So I won’t go into how to set up an account because thats pretty self explanatory  but I will show you how to adjust the goals My Fitness Pal gives you to your custom macros. You will need to do this from a computer not your phone or iPad. Okay here it goes!

  • Open up your My Fitness Pal account.
  • Go to the Goals tab.
  • Scroll down and click the button that says change goals.
  • Select Custom and then click continue.
  • This should bring you to  a page that list your nutritional goals. You will notice at this point you can only adjust your macros by percentages. Not really helpful. So you will want to go to this link. MyFitnessPal Bookmarklet for Macro Adjustments
  • Once you have installed the bookmarklet you should be able to go to your My Fitness custom goals page and adjust your macros by grams. You will just need to set your calories, fats, carbs, proteins, and if you  would like fiber goals to the numbers you were given from the IIFYM calculator.
  • Once that is saved you are all set to track your macros!

How to meet your macro goals.

If you are anything like me, and probably most women who have tried to loose weight before, you have probably tried things like counting calories or Weight Watchers. These things do work to help you loose weight but what I have found is I am always hungry when I try those methods. After following IIFYM now for a little while I think I know the reason why. If you noticed when you set up My Fitness Pal they probably gave you a calorie goal that is way lower than the one you got from the IIFYM calculator. And when you went to the custom goals area you probably noticed that they had your goals set so that most of your calories were coming from carbs. Carbs are great! I mean who doesn’t love carbs? And they are very necessary for your body. Glucose from the carbohydrates you eat are your brain’s source of fuel. But carbs are also broken down quicker than the fats and proteins you eat. That is why you are often so hungry when you follow diets like Weight Watchers or when you count calories. Getting a higher percentage of your calorie intake from fats and proteins will help you feel more full.

It can be hard to adjust to this way of eating at first. I found when I first started that it was most difficult to hit my protein goal. You want to be within +/- 5 grams of your protein, fat, and carb goals each day. When you look at your protein, which is probably now making up the biggest percentage of your daily calories, you may think there is no way I am hitting that. So here are some of the things I have done to help hit my protein goal.

  • Add in a protein shake each day. These are great for numerous reasons. They are quick and easy to take on the go. When mixed with water most protein powders are very low on carbs and fat. This makes it easy not to use up your other macros on shakes. I like to mix my powder with skim milk. It adds about 12 more grams of carbs per cup but also adds 8 more grams of protein. Plus I think it taste better. Trick is finding a protein powder you like. I am picky so it took me a few brands but I finally settled on Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey. The best price is at You can also use the protein powders to make protein pancakes or protein balls. There are  ton of options out there on Pinterest or just google it. This is really the only way I have been able to consistently hit my goal. Plus whey protein is digested quickly so it is perfect for after a strength training workout where you want to give your muscles, that you just stressed, the protein they need to repair themselves.
  • Prep other forms of lean protein for quick access. I like to cook up chicken breast or ground lean turkey in big batches. Then these can be refrigerated or frozen and pulled out for easy meal making. If you have cooked chicken you can easily use it to make sandwiches, add to personal pizzas made with flatout breads, put it in wheat tortillas with a little cheese and salsa for a quick quesadilla, add to salads. Really so many options that you can make with cooked chicken breast. Its also easy to use precooked meat to adjust the amount of meat you use in each meal in order to meet your goals. The same can be done with ground turkey.
  • Eggs! Eggs are awesome! I eat them pretty much daily. If you need some fats for the day eat whole eggs. If you just need protein, eat egg whites. You can scramble them for breakfast tacos, make egg sandwiches, hard boil them. Again a ton of options and they are so cheap.
  • Flavored greek yogurt. I can’t stomach plain greek yogurt. I don’t mind using it to cook with but to eat, its not happening. So I use flavored greek yogurt as a snack. Sometimes I use it for  before or after a workout to give me a little carbs and protein. Some people even add some protein powder to their greek yogurt in order to up the protein content. I don’t like the taste that way so I don’t but it is an option.
  • Turkey Jerkey. Lean protein that is portable. It really doesn’t get any easier than grab a piece and go.
  • Quest or other protein bars. Sometimes when I am in a hurry these are my breakfast or lunch, along with my skinny iced latte from Starbucks of course. ;)

Now when I first started I would often plan the night before what my proteins would be for the next day. For example its easy for me to enter chicken for dinner if I know that is on the family meal list for the week. And I basically drink my protein shake daily so I can enter that as my post workout snack. The rest of the things might vary but I have some go to food ideas like the ones I mentioned above that are quick that I will often enter for lunch or breakfast. Then I will fill up my snacks and add to my meals based on what macros I have left. If I have protein I need to get in after entering my breakfast, lunch, post workout shake, and dinner. The trick is finding go to foods that you like that are easy to prepare and you know will help you meet specific macro goals. As you get use to tracking this gets easier. I might add a greek yogurt for after dinner or some turkey jerkey or Quest bar for another snack. If I need fats I may add some nut butter to a meal(usually on toast for breakfast or snack). Another way I get fats is to add avocado to my eggs, salads, or sandwiches. If I still need fat I might add some butter or oil to my steamed veggies for dinner. Carbs are typically the one macro I have no problem hitting but if I have hit my others and still need more carbs I typically add fruit because it is low in fats and protein.

Other helpful hints.

  • One thing you must have for tracking macros is a food scale. You will need to weigh everything, at least to start, because measuring cups and food labels are inaccurate. Check out this video about measuring cups. Sure it is only a few grams but if it is a few grams for each of the foods you eat each day that adds up. So best to weigh everything.
  •  I have also found that when you are layering foods it is actually easier to weigh than use cups or spoons. For example, say I am making one of my favorite breakfast/snacks, peanut butter and banana on toast. I would put the toast on my plate and then put it on the scale. I would zero out, or tare, the scale and then add the peanut butter to the bread. This way it is only measuring the weight of the peanut butter. Then I would zero the scale again and add the banana. Every time you add another ingredient just zero it out and add the grams of that ingredient that you need. Same goes for if you are eating say a spoon of peanut butter out of the jar. You can set the jar on the scale and zero out the weight. Then when you scoop out your spoon you can see the number of grams you subtracted and match it to the number of grams per serving.
  • All nutritional labels will have the grams per serving listed next to the serving size. That is the number you want to pay attention to. Just because the serving size says 12 pretzels doesn’t mean that those 12 pretzels will come out to the grams listed as the serving size. Sometimes you will even get an extra pretzel by using the weight. :)
  • Also make sure you set your scale to grams and try to enter all your foods in grams when you are tracking in My Fitness Pal when you can. You can even add the word grams to your search when you’re looking for foods in the database to find entries that allow you to enter the food in grams.
  • When making casseroles or dishes that you will share use the recipe calculator to enter your ingredients on My Fitness Pal. It is best to use grams when possible. It is also best to use the raw uncooked weights on meats if  you are starting with raw meats in your recipe. Most meats will have cooked and raw options on My Fitness Pal. Then weight, in grams, the dish you are using to cook the food in on your scale. Remember that weight for later. After your food is cooked you can then weigh the entire dish on your scale and subtract the grams of your dish so you get just the weight of the food in grams. This is then used to set your serving size on the recipe calculator. So say your cooked food weighs 600 grams once you subtract the weight of the dish. You would then set the serving size to 600. This way when you weigh out your individual portion on your plate you can just enter the serving size you ate in grams.
  • If you are going to drink while tracking macros you will have to do some additional calculations. You will notice if you put a glass of wine or beer in to My Fitness Pal that it is very low in carbs with no fat or protein. Carbs and proteins both have 4 calories per gram and fat has 9 calories per gram. So how does 120 calories of wine add up in macros if the nutritional info says its only 4 carbs? Well that is because your body processes alcohol differently than your other macros. In order to track your drink as part of your daily macros you will need to divide the total number of calories listed for  the beverage by 4. This will give you the number of carbs you need to subtract from your macros. Example: A glass of wine is 120 calories, divide that by 4 to get 30 carbs. You can subtract the calories from other macros but it is highly suggested you don’t subtract it from your protein. If you would like to subtract the macros for your drink from your daily fat allowance you would need to divide the number of calories by 9.
  • Protein is your most important macro to hit each day. Sure you want to hit them all but if you can’t for some reason at least hit try to hit your protein. Why? Well if you are eating at a calorie deficit, lower than your TDEE, then your body will loose weight. This weight doesn’t just come from your fat, though wouldn’t that be nice. It also comes from your lean muscle mass. In order to keep as much muscle as you can you will want to eat enough protein. Also if you are lifting weights you are causing tiny tears in your muscle tissue, that is how they grow. In order to repair themselves they need protein. So always get your protein!

Well that is all I can think of for now. I know it was long so thanks for hanging in there. If you can think of anything else you would like to know leave a comment below and I will try to answer. Or you can email me. My email is listed under the About Me>Contact Me tab. Thanks for reading along. Hope it helps!



WTF Wednesday

This week’s WTF Wednesday is the international version. I have found a collection of WTFs from overseas that I have to share because well, who doesn’t want to kill some time that they should be using to work by reading randomness on the internet.? Yeah thats what I thought.

1. Roller coaster home tours. 

A Dutch real estate agency decided to make a home tour much less boring by shuttling the prospective buyers through the house on  a roller coaster. While I’m sure most of the people who showed up just wanted a free ride it is a great way to generate buzz about the house. Its also a great way to move the buyers through so quickly that they won’t have the time to notice any flaws the property has. I really hope this becomes a thing here in the US. I know how my Sundays would be spent. Open house anyone?



2. Doritos Pizza

Our friends down under in Australia are getting  a new pizza option at their local Pizza Hut, Doritos Pizza. From what I can gather it is broken up Doritos on top of a stuffed crust. I guess they were thinking “Hey Doritos tacos were a hit why not pizza?”.  Well Taco shell made of Doritos makes sense considering the shell is already basically a chip. Adding crushed chips to a crust seems like a bad idea to me. But I guess if there is a big  stoner population in the area it might be a bestseller!



3. Spank your wife.

Okay some of you may be thinking what’s wrong with a little smack on the ass in the bedroom? I mean 50 Shades of Grey is a super popular book series, and soon to be movie, all about a little mix of pleasure and pain. But this article from the UK is not that kind of spanking. Nope this is about a new christian movement called Christian Domestic Discipline(CDD). The authors of the CDD  handbook suggest that husbands are the head of the household and have the right to enforce their authority. Here is a little snip from the article explaining the concept.

“In the packet they describe CDD as a ‘practice between two consenting life partners in which the head of household (HoH) takes the necessary measures to achieve a healthy relationship dynamic.’
That translates to all methods of punishment, not exclusive to spanking. Clint and Chelsea advocate lecturing, removing privileges, corner and bedroom time – essentially the ways most people discipline their children.”

What woman wants to be treated like a child? Maybe its just me but I am a grown ass woman. I will be damned if anyone is putting me in time out. And what does the wife get to do if her husband is out of line? My guess is nothing. I’m wondering if these people got their idea from watching the Ray Rice elevator video. I think its a thin line to domestic abuse. I’m all for respect in a relationship but it needs to be mutual.

4. Short on Christmas cash?

One British mum has found a unique way to make some extra cash for her kids’ christmas presents this year. She is selling her breast milk. According to the article she sells her booby juice for $20 for 5 ounces. Her customers are typically bodybuilders and chefs she said. And this year she has made over $4000 selling her milk. I want some gains as much as the next person but I’m not desperate enough to drink breast milk. I don’t care how natural it is that is just weird. What bothers me more is the fact that chefs are buying. What are you making with breast milk? This is giving me serious trust issues. I may never eat anything with milk in it from a restaurant again. Oh and in case you want to say calm down Amy this is in England not here in the US, think again. There is even a website called Only The Breast where women from all over sell their breast milk. Near Chicago and looking to satisfy your fix? Here is a link just for  you.

What has made you say WTF this week?

It’s just food.

Today I wanted to talk about my thoughts on “cheats”. There has been a lot of talk in the diet community about what foods are good and what foods are bad, what you should and shouldn’t eat, and whether or not you should have cheat meals or cheat days. Now being in the middle of the holiday season you see more of these kinds of post everywhere you look. Things like this…


I don’t like the terms good, bad, and cheat when it comes to food. I think it gives food too much power. When I was following a  very calorie restricted  diet in the past I would read articles about what foods to eat and how much. Every week I would see new articles with new advice. There are a long list of diet plans out there, all of them claiming to be the best. Its easy to get confused and overwhelmed when you are trying to make some positive changes in your life. So you start your diet with the best intentions. You cut out foods you love thinking it is the only way you will meet your goals. and you may have some success. But then if you are anything like me you reach a point where you get frustrated because progress is slow and you feel so restricted from making all kinds of changes and sacrifices. At that point my motivation to continue typically dwindles till I finally decide what’s the point and give up.

But I have finally come to the realization there is no such thing as good or bad when it comes to food. Its just food. Somethings have more fat, some have more carbs or more protein. But in the end they are calories your body uses for energy to function. A lot of the diet advice given these days isn’t based on any type of scientific evidence. Its just gimmicks to sell products or boost website visitors to get more money for advertising. Truth is that all foods are fine to eat. Some of them you may want to eat less of or less frequently if you are trying to create a calorie deficit to loose weight. But no one food will make you overweight. Just like no one food or one workout will cause you to loose weight. Its about balance. So why give food so much power? I’m sure most people who have been on some sort of diet can relate to feeling guilt over eating a food that they felt didn’t fit their diet. I know I would find it hard to be social while on a diet because I was so restricted by how many calories I would allow myself to consume each day. It lead to me feeling bitter and having negative feelings about myself if  I slipped up and over ate.

Now my thoughts on the whole thing have changed. I have talked before about my current way of eating. I don’t like calling it a diet because I feel the term diet these days tends to imply a limited time thing. IIFYM is more of a life time change to me. I can still fit some of the forbidden foods in the picture above into my daily allowance. Does that mean I have a free for all or eat all junk like some people seem to believe flexible dieters do? No it means those foods are balanced out by other things like lean proteins and produce. I can’t just eat cookies all day and nothing else. But I can have some each day as part of my daily carb intake if I want. And the best part is there is no guilt. No more beating myself up or negative self talk. Just eat the food, track it, and move on. I have also mentioned I take a day off from counting macros each week. Most people don’t but I feel for me and my goals it makes sense. If I was trying to be a fitness competitor and needed to have super low body fat then I probably wouldn’t but thats not my life. I am a working mom who just wants to find balance in her life and be as healthy as possible. So I take that day as a break. Sometimes constantly weighing and tracking can get old. Sometimes I just want to pour a glass of wine without measuring or go out to a meal at a restaurant without nutritional info and not stress. So I do it on that day. Its a day of no guilt. I’m not saying I use it to pig out. Most the time I eat something small in the morning and then go out for lunch or dinner. But I know that one day or one night of a meal out and drinks isn’t going to make a difference in the grand picture of my life as a whole. Being able to have those nights out with family or friends without worry to me is what makes life whole. I only have one life and I want to spend the precious time I have here doing the things that make me happy. I hope this holiday season you can focus on making memories and enjoying life a little without spending time giving food power over your emotions. Eat a little of your favorites. Enjoy a drink with friends. Don’t stress about it and beat yourself up. Its just food.